‘Vegan wine’ what is it, and what on earth does it mean? To someone new to the vegan concept, a vegan diet revolves around not consuming any animal products; not just the meat, but anything that comes from an animal such as milk or eggs. A vegan lifestyle is slightly different, as this is where somebody avoids all animal exploitation of any kind, for example purchasing leather items.

So… since when have grapes been sentient beings? Wine in itself (fermented grape juice) is vegan, but it’s the ‘fining’ process in which a lot of wines fall under the non-vegan friendly category. Fining agents are used to remove protein, yeast, cloudiness and any organic particles that could affect the flavour and colour of the wine, ultimately clarifying it. Common fining agents include:

These fining agents, although removed, can leave residue and are therefore not suitable for a plant-based diet. However, many companies are keeping up with demand and supplying large ranges of wine that are unfined or fined using suitable agents such as limestone, silica gel or plant casein to name a few. Don’t be misunderstood though, your favourite wine will still be just as good as these agents don’t contribute to flavour at all.

Even though there are growing numbers of ethical fining agents, there is an increasing number of natural winemakers who encourage the wine to remain in the most natural state possible, as when refined they believe unique flavours can be dimmed. We offer an extensive selection of unfined wine and we’ll be happy to help you explore your palette and discover your preferred wine.

With veganism on the rise there is more demand for ethical and sustainable wines than ever before, which is why at The Hook we decided to up our vegan wine game.

We did our research and found trustworthy suppliers that we rely on to import our vegan wine, which is popular even amongst our meat eaters. Our eco-friendly stock varies from Shiraz, Malbec, Chardonnay, Sancerre to Rosé and even bubbles, free from animal products and sustainably sourced!

Wines are clearly marked for our plant based guests at The Hook, but if you’re unsure if your wine is vegan, simply ask your waiter for the unfined/unfiltered wine options as these wines have not gone through the fining process and will be free of all animal products. Keep your eyes peeled for new vegan wines we have arriving soon!

The Hook launched the much-anticipated app earlier in 2019 and we’ve seen a great response from returning customers. In a fast paced working world, many people don’t have time to wait around for their food and a lot of the time we need quick fixes on the go. In a competitive industry, we have to stay on top of trends and adapt to contemporary ways of life, which meant making lunch and dinner on the go more accessible and hassle-free.

We see large influxes of hungry people looking for a quick yet satisfying lunch, so whether it’s ‘sushi Friday’ in your office or that kaburomaki craving just won’t let up, you can now order with the click of a button via The Hook’s app.

The app was created with our customers in mind, so it’s simple and does what it says. No phone calls, no waiting around, just order from your desk or couch and collect from us.

The app is free to download and easy to navigate; our home page will display details about current special offers, loyalty cards and the takeaway menu. Simply click ‘order’ and view our best-selling dishes, choose from uramaki, sashimi, chirashi bowls amongst other mouth-watering dishes. Once at the checkout you can place your order and head to The Hook to collect your Japanese fix – it’s as easy as that!

As our way of saying ‘thank you’ for supporting your local restaurant and our local suppliers, we’ve created a loyalty scheme for takeaway ordering. We recommend creating an account so you can check out quickly and accumulate customer points. Points can be earnt for every £1 spent via our app or website, and once you have 200 points, a unique code will be emailed to you with a £10 discount code for your next order (even more of an excuse to eat sushi every day).

You can download our app here.