Designated driver? We have your back

Stuck with the job of being designated driver this Christmas? Whilst there are plenty of advantages, The Hook is about to give our alcohol-free customers another incentive to stay sober.

We have partnered with the Health Improvement Commission to support the ‘It’s a small island – don’t drink and drive’ campaign and ‘Count 14’, encouraging islanders to stick to the low-risk drinking guidelines and quite literally count 14 units, remembering to spread them over 3 or more days during a week. With more than a third of Guernsey respondents admitting they drink more than the recommended amount; we saw no better time than now to launch our new mocktail menu.

With Christmas around the corner, giddiness for a drink (or two) can sometimes get the best of us. With our newly launched mocktails you won’t have to worry about having one too many. They have been specially designed by our skilled bartenders to taste like alcohol without suffering a hangover (they sound more like magic potions to us!)

We want to make The Hook an inviting place for all customers, whether you drink or not, we offer an array of alcohol-free spirits and drinks – from Seedlip to alcohol-free beer, you won’t have to worry about missing out.

Whilst Christmas can be seen as a time to over-drink, over-eat and generally overindulge, we want the wellbeing of our customers to remain paramount. So, with health and moderation in mind, we teamed up with K-tea, a well-known locally brewed Kombucha business, to offer rich flavours in our cocktails with a twist.

K-tea was founded in 2016 and is a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks. With detoxifying and energising properties, ethically sourced whole leaf tea and botanicals are fermented with raw cane sugar to create a delicious drink with a host of benefits.

Carefully mixed with other ingredients, we have created a mocktail menu that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you need a quick break in between your next glass of wine, a day off or are entirely alcohol-free, everyone is free to enjoy one of our delicious concoctions at The Hook.