Grow Local Eat Local


Welcome to our Grow Local Eat Local campaign.

At The Hook we are always on the lookout for the best quality, local produce. But we need your help. We had an idea that we hope you will help make a reality.

A purely locally sourced menu made up entirely of all your favourite meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread… the list is endless.


There are so many reasons why eating local food is best. Here are just a few:

  1. It tastes better

It goes without saying that when you eat locally produced food it will be fresher, as the time it takes to get from the farm (or sea) to your plate is shorter.

  1. You’re supporting the local economy

By buying locally produced food and drink you are putting money directly back into the island. You are supporting wages and helping to create more jobs.

  1. The bigger picture

Not only are you helping to reduce your individual carbon footprint, you are helping the environment in many ways. Growing locally creates healthy soils and protecting biodiversity. We become less dependent on vulnerable crops or species.

So, what we would like from you is simple. Tell us about your favourite local food producer. Whether it’s meat, fish, fruit, veg, cheese, bread or even drink, we want to hear about them. We want them on our local menu.

Email Sam now at [email protected]

Thank you