Local fish for local food

The Hook is island-renowned for being the only Japanese oriented modern seafood, sushi and steak restaurant. Located in the heart of St Peter Port and with breathtaking coastal views, The Hook is in the rare position of offering customers the unique chance to enjoy fresh fish from the waters it overlooks.

Since the pandemic hit, we have seen a significant rise in the number of islanders trying to support local businesses of all kinds. Here at The Hook we’ve never seen it any other way, with the freshest produce on our doorstep, it doesn’t make any logical sense to find alternative suppliers, unless absolutely necessary.

We are always liaising with Guernsey food suppliers and try our very best to provide a rich taste of Guernsey whenever we can. From our Donald Russel steaks to our catch of the day caught on the line that same morning – high quality and traceable food remains paramount.

We are widely recognized for our high-quality seafood, but we can’t take all of the credit. Our waters are home to a large number of diverse species, many of these not seen on UK shores, so it’s really the fish we should thank.

It may not be the Great Barrier Reef, but our waters have seen a handful of bizarre species such as the Flying Fish, Bramble Shark and Deep-sea Angler. Although you probably won’t see these on our special’s menu, the Bailiwick and Jersey is now recorded to have a list of 216 species, so marine life is probably a tad busier than day-to-day life in the Channel Islands.

The more common fish you will see on our specials menu are mackerel, seabream and sea bass to name a few; although these fish sound slightly less exciting, seasoned, cooked and served with local produce, you truly taste the flavour of Guernsey.

Lobster and crab are amongst the most popular dishes across the Bailiwick, and with some of the highest quality seafood in Europe it’s no wonder why our surf & turf is such a hit. Our individual relationships with local suppliers allow us to access fresh seafood at a rate most places can’t, making dining at The Hook a truly unique experience.